Altered Images Statement

I started using the Polaroid SX70 in 1982 and found myself attracted to its spontaneity, unpredictability as well as the peculiarly restricted palette of Time-Zero film. 

The instantly developed SX7 photograph can be altered by manipulation of its underlying malleable emulsion.This will often yield a painterly effect.  

By applying a burnishing tool to the surface of a recently developed Polaroid, while the emulsion beneath is still fluid and has not yet hardened, it is possible to "move" that emulsion to create an effect quite different from the original photograph.  

I take the process further, using mixed media, laser copying and the application of colored pencil, crayon, watercolor and ink. The fusion of illustration and photography lends an impressionistic feel to the resulting image which appears to be part drawing part photograph. 

The work is then scanned and printed on an inkjet printer. 

Most of the photographs on this site were made during my travels in the United States, the Caribbean and Southern Africa. 

Prints are available for purchase in two sizes: 

Image size: 7" x 7" printed on 8 1/2 x 11" paper  

Choice of photographic or watercolor paper. 

Image size: 14" x14" printed on 20" x 20" 

Watercolor paper only 

Please contact me for any further information and pricing. 

I am available for assignments and commissions, including renderings of buildings/ residences and portraiture. 

Tessa Frootko Gordon